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Online Travel : Riding the e-commerce surge

Techstory is an online news travel portal that covers stories of inspiring entrepreneurs and businesses that are challenging the norms and changing the rules of the game. We are moving towards creating a complete online news platform that can be valuable for the entrepreneur community to start, run and scale their enterprises. We strive to explore the latest in the world of startups and technology news. At Techstory, we plan to focus our efforts in three main areas of Stories, Networking and Mentorship. As we all know, Travel and Tourism industry is growing with a fast pace day by day it's a industry which is growing with CAGR of 25-30 %. Everything is becoming possible because of new and advanced technology in this 21st century.
All of us are so dependent on it, that now we all desires to do our work in less time and minimum efforts & in a smarter way. Axis Softech is glad to share that we are one of the best web based online travel portal development company, with over 10 years of experience. In the present scenario, where every task is done online, we also assure our clients to fulfill all their current and upcoming needs with a quality service & automate their system to make it totally online. Techstory covers very informative article of our director Mr.Gyanesh Kumar and Mr.Devesh Kumar Thakur (Director & Co-Founder) of Axis Softech that how online travel is increasing with rapid pace.Axis Softech helps offline travel agents and agencies to get their business online. Has e-commerce passed its prime or is it just resting? While business and stock market expectations have not been fulfilled, online transactions in the travel and tourism industry are continuously increasing despite tough economic problems in this arena and fewer travelers overall.

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