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What is B2B2C

B2B2C is selling of any product or services to another business from where its customers or prospects will engage or buy these products or services. Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) is an emerging and fast growing e-commerce revenue model that integrates Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) for a complete product or service delivery and creates mutually benefit for both parties.

B2B Travel Portal Development

Axis Softech is leading travel technology which provides services of B2B travel portal development. It's the combination of two or more businesses where customers engage with them. B2B Travel Portal is business to business model for online travel portal agencies. Now p majority of the offline travel agents and travel agencies are partnered with Online Travel Agencies or they are already associated with OTA. These travel agencies have integrated B2B panel of these OTAs into their travel business. As offline travel agencies have changed the way of doing their business now customers searched and booked the travel deals from large OTA.Rather than the traditional model of searching the deals from the leading companies are offering B2B platform to clients to use it. Here we will discuss how B2B portals provide channel for B2B2C for these offline travel agencies.

B2B Portal for Travel Agents

Axis Softech develop best B2B portal for Travel Agents in Delhi so that they can reach to more customers by adding travel agents/agencies and generate huge revenue from their travel business. Let's discuss an example of a B2B2C travel business model, Travel Agent A who is the owner pays company for travel portal product then he deploy this panel to another agent say Travel Agent B where now Travel Agent B provide services and target customers for Travel Agent A and for his business also and they both get share in profit of business done. At present Axis Softech provide readymade B2B2C travel portal this portal product allows travel agents and sub-agents to fully manage their financial transactions and complete bookings online, with a login panel provided by the master agent, and gives regular access updated of fares and commissions. The travel portal is available 24*7 *365 for travel agents and sub-agents, which generate revenue on both sides particularly useful if the travel agency and its other sub-agents are doing booking within different time zones.

Advantages of B2B2C Travel Portal:

Features of B2B2C Travel Portal: