A Mandatory Module of Travel Portal – Hotel Booking Engine through Axis Softech

Travel Portal Developer

There are different types of travel portal development for different travel services providers. Travel Portal for tour and travel agencies, for travel agents, travel consolidators, travel operators, domestic travel companies, travel franchisees and International travel companies are all travel web applications for all these suppliers. If you are one of these suppliers then you are most welcome in Axis Softech. We do travel portal development for all small, medium and big travel services suppliers. We are famous for providing customized features of travel portal according to our client’s requirement.

Axis Softech

The mandatory module of travel portal is hotel booking engine for website. This module facilitates travelers to book hotel room before actually reaching the destination. This gives a level of comfort to customers by making them tension free for their stay at strange locations. They are allowed to choose hotel of their choice from the large fleet including various hotel options. On a single window travelers can book hotel by comparing prices online. With API integration from reputed company we enable our customers to book hotel with ease. We prefer API providers like Expedia and Hotel beds.

Some other important modules are flight booking engine from Axis Softech which is highly in demand because of the comfort it provides to travelers in booking air tickets. They can book air tickets for domestic flights as well as international flights by using this single module. For this module we prefer to use API integration from Galileo which is among top companies for API of flight. This provides error free results hence we prefer it for travel software development. More modules are bus booking engine which is for traveling by bus. Many travelers show interest in traveling by bus; we facilitate them by creating API integrated bus booking system where travelers can make searches and bookings.

Car Rental Booking Engine is a module which is for tourists to provide them hired vehicle to explore the destination in a comfortable way. This is a service which provides them hassle free feeling while traveling on busy roads. Holiday packages booking engine is used by travelers to book holiday package of their choice.

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