The Impact of Travel Technology in Online Travel Business

The rise of computer in later half of the 20th century left many to think that they would be jobless, but what we see, the computer technology has greatly revolutionized the life of mankind. The same is true for travel technology. According to Questex Travel Group, in spite of continuous pressure from third parties and direct […]

Axis Softech – A Pioneer in the Travel and Tourism World

To be in the virtual world needs both experience and knowledge to rule the market through computer and internet. If you are going to own a travel and tourism company with your own website and app you surely can hire any other company to design and develop the same for you. But for the maintenance […]

Going Online and Making Tourism Cake Walk For the Corporate World

Have you been given the job to organize every amenity for the international tour to be held by your company? Are you clueless as what bookings should be done for senior people and how to treat the juniors? There may be many like you who are facing the same dilemma. Well a good news for […]

B2B Travel Solutions for Travel Agency in Gurgaon

Yesteryear’s dusty village of Gurgaon has transformed into a big city having third highest per capital income in India. Gurgaon has got the honor to be called Millennium City and it witnessed the presence of 50% or 250 Fortune companies. Companies like coca cola, Pepsi and BMW has made Gurgaon their Indian Corporate Headquarters. The […]

B2B Portal for Travel Agents in Himachal Pradesh

State of Himachal Pradesh is well known travel destination in India. Tourists from the entire world came here to witness and enjoy the beauty of the Nature. B2B travel portal is business to business model for the online travel portal agents. B2B portal for travel agents in Himachal is specially designed for those agents who […]

Importance and Use of Online Bus Booking System

Journey by bus was not preferred earlier due to lack of luxurious buses, poor road infrastructure and inefficient system of booking tickets. We had to stand in long queue to purchase tickets that was tiring and time consuming. Ticket booking on telephone was also difficult because it remained busy or out of service most of […]

Travel Agency Software for Online Travel Business

Travel technology has been greatly revolutionized the travel business round the globe. It is expected that in coming years the number of air travelers may touch the 4 billion marks globally. The prospect of travel business is very bright in a developing country like India. Role of travel agency software is very significant to provide […]

How Axis Softech Has Been Helping Travel Agents to Grow

It has been 11 years and since the day of inception, Axis Softech has come into market with the vision to let others grow in business with their help. Axis Softech provides travel technologies to their clients. In old times it was practiced that for a long tour one needed to visit the travel agent’s […]

How Axis’s Flagship Product Called SAFARI Is Solving Day To Day Problems Of Travel Agents

Travel and tourism industry is the most flourishing industry in present times. The government is also supporting many causes of this field since increased tourism means better revenue. With so much opportunity what you mostly need to do is take the business online and present yourself to more and more customers. People certainly opt for […]

What Benefits Does A Travel Agent Enjoy By Using Axis’s Travel Products

Since the inception of their business Axis Softech has held a noble vision of transforming the travel and tourism business thereby giving them a global exposure. Gone are the days when people used to visit the travel agents office and have hours of discussions regarding a trip? Everything happens in a matter of few clicks […]