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Axis Softech – A Travel Technology Company

What is Axis Softech?

Axis Softech is an I.T company which provides Travel Portal Development Services, Axis is positioned among top companies of world in Travel Technology domain. Axis Softech has mastery of developing all kind of travel portal projects because we have experience of more than 10+ years Axis follow the quality standards of CMMI Level-3 and ISO 9001-2008 in its development process which sets us apart from other competitors because of our quality online travel products and services. Axis Softech is also a permanent member of NASSCOM which is leading association of IT companies. The vision of Axis Softech is to empower offline travel agencies and to create thousands of Yatra like OTA to add legacy to its tone in 5 years.

Where is Axis Softech located?

Axis Softech business office is located in New Delhi. The company has a presence in the market since 2002, although it was formally registered on 20th October 2005, presently company office is located in 137, Sant Nagar, East of Kailash-110065,its near Nehru Place, the great electronic market of India. The nearest metro station to office is Kailash Colony which lies on violet line of metro.

What are the Products & services of Axis Softech?

Axis Softech offers all kind of Travel Portal products; we have seven B2C, one B2B and one B2E products with all integrated APIs to provide cheapest fares and best commission to offline travel agencies. Our integrated online travel portal products are rolled under the brand “Safari” and our technology helps them to find best APIs with the product. Axis provides end to end supply and real time inventories accumulated with the product and provide readymade solution where travel agencies purchase these products and start earning profit from these online travel products. Travel Portals and customized travel portals with all integrated APIs provide user friendly interface for customers and clients for bookings. Axis Softech is different from its competitors because we have versatile range of products which fits to the budget and requirement of each size of travel agency. Axis guarantees cheapest fare and best commission of tickets to travel agents & agencies of flight, hotels, buses and cars from its all online travel portal products.

Axis Softech products and services are exclusively for Travel Trade only, the last five years performance of Axis Softech was remarkable and memorable for Axis Softech. Axis has successfully developed more than 70 online travel portal products which are highest among all companies who provide travel technology services. The company was able to position itself as the most prominent player in this segment by providing innovative online travel product services to its client’s globally. Our online travel products got momentum in Travel industry because of our quality and service, We provide best support with our online travel products because of our services lot of new clients approached to us where company delivered complete travel solution to them at affordable prices and distinguished features. Lot of clients appreciated us by adding that “Axis is the only company to provide all integrated products including bookings of all types and thus they are able to get more & more profits by using the products provided by Axis Softech. It gives us immense pleasure that all our clients were satisfied with our online travel products & services which gives us immense satisfaction.

How can Corporate avail services from Axis Softech?

Each small, medium and large corporate can avail services of Axis Softech because everyone has requirement of traveling for their daily business needs. We provide “Safari B2E” online travel portal product for corporate and customized it according to requirement and size of corporate and there employees. Corporate faces lot of burden to schedule employee bookings and accommodation facility sometimes travel agencies which they are tied up for bookings create lots of problem and even charges very high prices for flight tickets for flights and hotels to reduce this burden Axis Softech provides “Safari B2E” online travel portal product which facilitates corporate to have separate panel for employee and administration for bookings, it provides opportunity for corporate to distribute booking panel to any number of employees so that they can easily do their booking which will eliminate hassle from management and no travel agency can fool them and charge extra for their bookings.

Who are Axis Softech’s Clients & where are they located?

The clients of Axis Softech are offline Travel Agents, Agencies, B2B Travel Agencies, Hotel Booking Agencies, Bus Booking Agencies, Car Booking Agencies, companies dealing into travel and tour business as well as corporate with internal travel desk which are located across PAN India and others are located globally who are previously doing offline travel business and losing ground for their travel agency as offline market is diminishing day by day, Travel and Tourism industry market is growing with tremendous pace of more than 20-25% CAGR and they realize potential of this market & decide do develop their own travel portal. Looking at the situation we also notice very serious problem that the Travel Agencies could not afford to build a travel portal for the enormous costs the IT companies used to ask them. There were also serious issues of finding a right kind of inventory supplier, who used to charge heavily to provide their live supply. Looking at all such problems, we thought of providing a complete online travel product to our customers & solve their problem of offline travel agencies. There are many other clients who work in any travel company or agency that buys our online travel portal products and started their online travel agencies, Axis also has some clients who use to sell vegetables and drive autoricksaw but we salute them that being in such profession they have realize the importance of online travel business and bought our online travel product which result in generating huge profit for their online travel agency.

What are the benefits of using products of Axis Softech?

Today travel agencies face several problems when they think and decide to develop their own travel portal such as to procure APIS for fetching live inventory of flights, hotels, buses, cars, money transfers and recharge if somehow some procure API then integration of these APIs is major challenge in front of these travel agencies, I.T companies which do not have experience in developing travel portals charge huge cost and not able to deliver project which results in huge loss of money and their precious time, support & maintenance provided to travel agencies, training to use travel software were some of the big challenges which these players face in market and other several issues to transform their travel business online.

Axis Softech has realized these problem and developed versatile range of “Safari” online travel products where these products are integrated with all supplies and inventories to fetch data. Axis Softech is one stop shop for all your travel agency needs. The benefits of using our online travel products are listed below:

  • Domain Name Registration & Server Hosting
  • Readymade Travel Portal Products with integrated API
  • Customized Travel Portals
  • Timely execution of all travel portal product to start your travel agency
  • Best Commissions Industry Wide
  • Best Fares Industry Wide
  • Best Integrated API to fetch live inventories
  • Low Annual Maintenance Cost for Travel Portals
  • 24*7*365 Booking Support with our Travel Portal Products
  • Other dedicated support as Technical Support, Account Support, Server Support and Dedicated Account Manager

If Travel Means Travel Agents, does Axis Softech means Online Travel Agency?

Axis Softech is not an Online Travel Agency there is dilemma in mind of lot of travel agencies that Axis is an OTA, Axis Softech is an IT company that bridge gap between offline and online travel business.Axis Softech develop online travel portal products with integrated API to get these offline travel business online. Axis has versatile IT travel software’s designed for each size of travel agencies so that all offline players can enjoy the privilege of this booming industry. Today demand of online travel portals has been increased among offline travel agencies because it is very easy to compare prices and services offer by these travel portals and they act as fuel for growth for your travel agency. 

How can Axis Softech bring a difference in the way a company operates its Travel?

Today big companies has thousands of employees who travel aggressively for different task of corporate when these employee travel corporate has to manage their tickets and accommodation in that particular city which is tedious task for companies to eliminate these problem Axis has develop online travel portal product called “Safari B2E” a perfect Corporate Travel Portal for the perfect online booking and e-travel management tool designed specifically for the corporate travel market. The product combines all ‘lives inventory’ worldwide scheduled flights and fares including low-cost carriers, as well as live domestic & international hotel and car hire. This product provides separate panel for management and employee’s so it’s  very easy to book where they need to go for business and serves with fully customized corporation’s travel requirements, policies and accounting measures.

Features of Axis Softech “Safari B2E Travel Software”:

  • Easily manage your Employee Bookings & Escalation Matrix within a Corporate
  • Dedicated user panel of Booking for each employee
  • Corporate can distribute booking panel to any number of employees
  • Separate Admin Panel for corporate management for booking process
  • Fare Calendar is available for all Bookings Pages
  • Easily scalable with any number of APIs
  • Booking Support 24*7*365
  • Soft Cash or Credit card bookings are available
  • Dedicated Technology Support, Server Support, Account Support and Dedicated Account Manager Support is provided to ensure all modules operate smoothly
  • Has many other advance features which can be provided on request
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