B2B Travel Portal Development

Travel Portal Development

Travel and Tourism industry have seen a tremendous growth in last few years it’s growing with a rapid pace of 25-30 % CAGR, B2B refers to business to business model and is a common platform where travel agents complete information along with the services are exchanged among various travel business enterprises. Largely, travel businesses are operated either through a B2C or B2B system. Technically, these systems are b2b reservation and online booking b2b travel portal developed based on business model which support large data management in complex network.

For travel agency in particular, an online B2B travel portal has become very important because it gets integrated & distributes content to a vast network of global travel businesses. Some of the benefits that travel agencies gets by integrating into an online business to business system are- accessibility to various services that are available with travel content consolidators or aggregates with reservation availability, real time pricing; market specific pricing and various offers and discounts subject to demand & supply. With all this information, travel agencies can execute the reservation process as well as manage their clients and their enquiries without any hassle.

Axis Softech Safari B2B Online Travel Portal

Axis Softech is the best B2B online travel portal development company based in Delhi, our services goes far beyond the imagination of clients to provide the ample amount of customer satisfaction and sales. It enables you to conveniently perform the following operations:

  • Adjust pricing and markup policies dynamically
  • Display availability in real time inventory in real mode
  • Easily manage your customers and sub Agents from admin panel
  • Manage payment and credit of Sub- Agents
  • Track the sub-agents bookings easily from panel
  • Easily manage commissions of sub-agents
  • Assigned separate commissions of all sub-agents
  • Create unlimited Agents nationally/globally
  • Financial transactions of all agents can be easily managed with few clicks
  • Reporting modules for sub-agents
  • Separate admin/reporting for each Agent
  • Manage contractual terms including deposits and credit limits
  • Effectively promote special offers, apply discounts
  • Manage selling options, cancellation policies and fees
  • Assure dynamic package of available travel products and services

Our B2B travel portal is designed with the most effective techniques to improve the process for better handling of large data volumes. Our experience includes database design and optimization for

We provide b2b online travel portal products to travel agents, agencies tour reservation software includes various travel APIs for instant access to flights, hotels, transfers, excursions, insurance and visa support from numerous global travel wholesalers. The real advantage is: we are connected with suppliers means customer has huge choice of  air reservations,hotel reservations, bus reservations ,car reservations  and tourism activities for the travel companies and their other sub-agents.

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