Benefits Of B2B2C Travel Portal Development

What is a B2B2C model? Basically, it is the convergence of B2B and B2C model for a complete service or a product transaction. It is a collaboration which creates beneficial product delivery channels and services. So what is it in layman’s terms, when one business creating a product or a service for the end consumer joins with other business which is creating a delivery channel for their product to the end customer through web portal or a website say, this type of transaction is a B2B2C model.

In travel and tourism industry, this model is quite prevalent and lies at the heart of operations in organization such as Axis Softech which creates end to end solution for travel and tourism businesses. Let us look closely into their product line to understand how this B2B2C model comes into existence, Axis Softech has a product named Safari which have different versions made for different aspects and sizes of business. At the heart of their product is a web portal which allows its clients to connect their customer to GDS and get cheapest fares online on the go, this comes bundled with other numerous features which include online payment gateway integration, cancellation gateway, web support etc.

This mobility solution doesn’t just allow for ease of use, but also ensures that the end customer gets the cheapest fares available in the market along with one point solution where in a customers all issues are resolved at a single point of contact or gateway. This sort of business model is beneficiary to both the businesses involved, for one, which is the travel agent or agency, it is giving an online presence and hence turning up their exposure to the market and in turn increase the revenue, where on the other hand, it is beneficial to the business providing the portal as it is also getting the same results although it is not dealing with the end customer directly.

Over the years, it has become unalienable for travel firms to take their businesses online, with competition heating up with players like makemytrip and yatra flooding the online space with numerous product offerings and lucrative offers which can give any small player run for its money. This changing dynamics of the industry requires implementation of such a model in the industry space, if successful, it will benefit all the stakeholders involved and would be a positive push to the industry which is considered by many to be perennial in nature.

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