Car Reservation Software

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Car Reservation Software is dynamic software to manage the car rental business of travel agencies and enterprises. It has turned this business as a paperless office a paperless can benefit from the bottom line as much as the environment.

Organize Tasks by Car Reservation Software

One of the major advantages of car rental software that these agencies have is ease in bookings with which documents can be found and booking can be done easily. In addition to simple bookings, documents in a car rental business are easier to retrieve — you don’t have to leave your desk! Storing your documents online with a Car Reservation Software, for example, allows you to retrieve them from any computer with an Internet connection. Finally, you can recover a document even if someone else has already retrieved it.

How Car Reservation Software Operates?

There is API integrated with booking engine which is integrated in this car reservation software and this software is merge with Travel Portal, where user can visit the online travel portal and choose destination according to his/her choice and automatically this request is forwarded to the agency which manage all bookings now agency provided a GPS system in all cars which they used for bookings from that they track the nearest location of that driver and car and then they send message to that particular driver and this driver than call you after reaching that particular destination, this all phenomenon is carried easily by the help of Car Reservation Software.


Who develop and Integrate these Car Reservation Software?

Car Reservation Software is developed by the I.T companies but there are only few companies who have expertise in developing these software’s because many of them developed them but they are not able to integrate this in travel portal properly. Axis Softech is one of the prominent company which develop travel portal with complete Car Reservation Software and it have experts and experience of more than 10 years.


Benefits of Car Reservation Software:

  • Ensure real time bookings of all passengers
  • Availability on all routes in India
  • Manage all financial Transactions
  • Accept all payment modes
  • Customer Support 24*7*365


To make your travel portal more robust and generate more revenue each travel agent and agency should go with this amazing car reservation software.

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