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How to Get Best Website Design for Travel Agency

It is a general conception that the more traffic a website gets, the high is the chance to get business to generate handsome revenue. But how does an organization get high traffics? The answer is very simple– the well designed website with visual appeal. The same is true for travel agency. So website design for […]

Start New & Grow As a Big Travel Company with Axis Softech

Mostly, people look for a safe and secure career where there is guarantee of getting a promised amount as salary at the end of the month. But with present time the trend is changing. The hype to get into a 9 to 5 job is diminishing with each passing day. With the government being so […]

Travel and Tourism Website Design Company in Delhi

Tourism in India is economically important and is growing rapidly. It is growing at an exponential rate and will keep growing. Consumers are more informed now and want information regarding their travel, stay and sightseeing etc at their finger tips. This is where the travel and tourism websites come in to picture. A website catering to the […]

Indian Hospitality Industry shows great signs of Recovery

The hospitality industry in India is showing great sign of recovery with hotels reporting an improvement in room bookings in the third quarter of the year, although it’s helped by discounted room rates by various dominant hotel suppliers like Oyo Rooms, Expedia, Desia etc and average room occupancy rate in the quarter ended September — […]

Global Aviation Industry Challenges

Aviation is helping to fuel the growth of the global economy and gdp and nowhere more so than in Asia where many residents are traveling abroad for the first time. It brings people together families, friends and business colleagues. It helps minds to meet and exchange ideas in forums like this. It gives people the […]

Why responsive website design is more important for any business?

Starting a new business? Well, then it is extremely important for you to know how to create a catchy website for your business. The website must be attractive and user friendly yet completely informative. Designing a website is teamwork of many skilled individuals. It includes graphic design, interface design, homepage designing, search engine optimization and […]