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Travel Website Design

Travel websites have become an integral part of travel companies. These webpages are the face of the company and have to be designed with a lot of care and precision so as to attract customers. There are certain website designing companies which help the travel websites create their own page and make an impact upon hundreds of people at one click.

Build Travel Website

One of the famous website designing companies is Axis Softech Travel Website Design. This company is based in Delhi and they provide their services to all agencies, be it an agency on a small scale or a large scale. They design the websites at affordable prices while offering some totally unique designs for the webpage. They are considered an expert in their field. Axis understands the importance of the first impression and assures the clients of delivering their best at all times.

Travel Technology Company

The Flight Booking Engine allows a user to search and book flights according to their requirements using a service called REST (REST is a collection of network architecture principles which outline how resources are defined and addressed.). It is necessary that all the users of API have an API key.  Most of the server and client communication takes place through XML.The search request made is very simple.The inquiry details contain details like name, description, travelling dates, etc. Using the inquiry details they publish a successful report. A positive response will have the code number 200. But it’s not always necessary that if there is a successful response there would be flights plying on that route. It may mean that no flights are traveling on that route for that particular time period.

Travel Online Ticket Booking Website

There are several Travel Technology Company in the market which offer their services. Their knowledge reaches out to all the segments of the society like travel agencies, corporate sector, hospitality, leisure and government.  They are spread over globally and are providers to the tour and travel industry. They have a wide range of solutions including data-driven business intelligence, mobile, distribution and software which are used by both the parties to design, advertise, sell, assist and operate their business.-

  • Travel suppliers which consists commercial airlines, hotels, car rentals, railway and tour operators, etc.
  • Travel buyers like travel agencies, travel management companies and corporate travel divisions, etc.
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