Flight Booking Engine for India Travel Agencies

flight booking engineEverything is available on the click of a mouse. From clothes to food items, products are now hand delivered at one’s doorstep and one need not go anywhere. Similarly, air travel has also become easier with the advent of internet. Booking flight tickets online helps passengers as well as the airline operators and is very fruitful for both the parties.

flight booking engine

Advantages to passengers:

  • It simplifies the reservation system.
  • It saves time.
  • It saves money – costs are lower.
  • It helps in booking tickets hassle free.

Flight Tickets

Advantages to operators and travel agents:

  • It simplifies their working.
  • It minimizes the errors of the manual system.
  • Booking of tickets is more user friendly and uncomplicated.
  • It helps agents to beat the market competition.
  • It thus helps the airline industry to minimize distribution costs and thus earn maximum profit.

All these ends can be achieved as more and more passengers resort to using flight booking online. This is done through customized travel booking engine software, which basically aids passengers in smoothly reserving plane tickets.

Mobile Ticket Booking

A flight booking engine is basically an application that serves as a mediating medium between the customers and the central system. Especially in the context of India where the population is overwhelming, flight booking engine for India travel agencies is even more lucrative. With this software, customers also enjoy easy access to payment processes and purchase systems.

Some of the attractive features of this application are:

  1. Generates tickets and vouchers automatically
  2. Secured online payment options
  3. Acceptability of all forms of payment ( mostly )
  4. Multiple destination search options
  5. Multiple language support
  6. Multiple currency support
  7. Option for dynamic packaging
  8. Responsive website designing

All this not only help organizations to gain a market edge, rather it also helps to formulate a difference to cater to passengers, agents, travel houses, businesses and general customers altogether in the best possible means. Right from different airline schedules of different airplane companies, to plane timings, fare tariffs, ticket records, passenger reservations, these applications provide information regarding all these and also answer frequently asked questions ( FAQs ).

Despite this trend, there is no definite primary distribution system so customers have to visit a whole lot of individual sites which may be dry and boring.

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