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Travel API Integration

The advent of new technology in Travel and Tourism Industry has led to boost travel business with CAGR of 25-30%.Today there is a tremendous demand of Travel portals and Travel Apps. According to recent surveys business travel is a $ 1.60 trillion global opportunity for apps and services globally. Travel APIs to help travelers to discover the best flights, hotels, buses, cars restaurants, museums, landmarks and other places to visit.

Hotel API Integration

The emergence of new technology in travel portal changes the complete face of bookings from portals, we all have book hotel in our life from any online travel portal but do we ever think what is the process behind this how it is possible that so many hotel appears and we can easily choose hotel and do entire booking by clicking few clicks on laptop.

What is Hotel API Integration?

Travel API Integration is the process by which all Travel Portals and Apps runs and operates successfully to do all bookings and financial transactions. There is Travel API behind these Travel portal and apps which manage travel bookings and financial transactions related to all bookings of customers.

Hotel API Integration is the process by which all travel portals operates is hotel search engine and do all bookings and financial transactions. There is a hotel API behind running hotel search engine which manage all hotel bookings of all customers 

Now the question arise in your mind how these Hotel API operate?

.The simple answer to this is that these API have coding and integration of all hotels which are linked to hotel search engine when customer hits the portal they can get lacks of hotel and booked easily. 

 Who Integrate Hotel API in Hotel Search Engine?

To integrate Hotel API in hotel search engine there are several travel technologies companies who integrate these hotel APIs in search engines but there are only few companies which have expertise to integrate API others do not have expertise and experience to integrate API they completely waste your time and wants quick and easy money so be careful when you want to develop hotel portal.

Parameters to Hotel Travel API

There are few parameters which you should keep in mind while you choose hotel API for Travel Portal and Apps. These are –

  • Inventory of Hotels : It should have domestic and international hotels across the world
  • Duplicity : There should be no duplicity of any hotel
  • Easiness: There should be ease of integration of API for software development team
  • Potential : API should have potential where more hotels can be added in future

Reviews: There should be positive review of that hotel API provider by technology company

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