How B2B Portal is more important for Travel Agents in India?

B2B Travel Portal DevelopmentAn Internet portal is a bundle of web pages, features, and services which is an access point to the World Wide Web. A B2B portal is not just a fancy idea but it includes the unique characteristic of conducting electronic business and managing vital components of corporate and business processes. A B2B portal for travel agents will help you significantly improve your travel agency’s productivity in two primary factors: Revenue growth and Cost saving.

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Importance of B2B portals for travel agents

B2B portal for travel agents is an absolute need for every kind and type of business and the implementation of a true high quality B2B portal will result in company’s productivity immediately. The portals especially gain importance since it will be a great shortcut to the first page of Google search. The search engine strength increases by listing about the travel services in some of the broader websites with minimal efforts.

Sending the mass mails to several email ids to inform the travelers about various offers and holiday packages to elevate the marketing strategies is easily managed by the portals. Travel reservation software development helps to capture all activities on reservation like price calculation, change in travel dates, and document creation can be viewed on each booking.

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Advantages of B2B portals for travel agents

  1. Various features of B2B portals help travel agencies to reduce inventory keeping costs.
  2. Allows tracking the whole ordering and reservation process from payment to hotel booking with greater efficiency in customer service.
  3. Access to millions of travelers who can be contacted directly and response rates are higher than random listings available on internet.
  4. Best travel website design services help to configure certain keyword alerts and trigger to notify the travel agents every time a traveler searches for particular destinations and hotels.
  5. Travel reservation software development manages and filters booking by customer, option expiry date, accommodation, and tour and reservation period.

B2B Travel Portal Development

To ultimately conclude, a small travel agent in India is at a lower end of advantage as compared to major travel service organizations across the globe when it comes to marketing and business development budgets. But by utilizing B2B portals help increase the resources and gain major advantage over other competitors who are not yet utilizing this online medium to expand the business.

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