How to develop a full fledged Travel Portal within a Month?

travel portal developerToday, in this fast moving world, nobody has the time to stand in queues and get their ticket bookings done. Where everything has moved online so has the mode of making ticket reservations for train, bus, flights gone virtual. Now anybody can simply sit at the comforts of their home and get their tickets booked. All one need is a good internet connection, a device for making the reservation like computer, tablet, and a debit or credit card. The travel agents have taken advantage of this and created their own travel portals where the customers can make the bookings easily without any hassle.

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What to look for when making a travel portal?

Various important factors must be considered when one is getting the travel portal developed. These are few points which you must keep in mind –

  1. Choosing a company– The most important factor while developing a travel portal is the company who provides such services. You must look for a company who can develop a travel portal within a month. They must give quick services, are efficient in their work, don’t lag behind. If the company does the work in the correct manner, it should not take even a month before your portal is ready for bookings.
  2. Portfolio – You must always go through the portfolio of the company properly before you assign them the task of developing your travel portal. It is because a portfolio can give you an idea about their design, way or work etc
  3. Designing – The design of the portal is another important factor which must not be neglected. The portal must b easy to access, procedures of booking should be easy and non-complicated, and the background should be attractive and eye catching.
  4. Payment gateway – Care must be taken that the portal has a secure payment gateway. As, if your portal is not safe for bookings, you will lose out on customers as nobody will want to risk their hard earned money into frauds.

Travel Portal Solution

There are number of companies in Delhi who provide travel portal development services. So be careful in doing your research properly, go through each, and then make your decision. A travel portal developer in Delhi NCR is not a difficult job to find but finding the correct one according to your needs and requirements must be the priority.For more details Just Visit at

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  1. Joji Joseph
    Joji Joseph
    November 18, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    We are in the process of developing a full fledged travel booking portal integrating API’s of Hotel, Flight, Bus, train and if possible tour packages. Could you please give us your valuable suggestions and a quote for developing the same.
    Thanking you.
    For Bookeasy Hospitality Private Limited.

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