How to get B2B Booking Engine for Travel Agents Web Portal?

Travel and Tours

The travel and tourism industry is booming. It is expected to grow at a rate of 7.9% in the next decade. Such growth in the industry is encouraging the travel agency’s business. A travel agent helps in simplifying the complex travel planning process. The services of a travel agent may be as little as booking a mode of travel to planning an entire tour package including travel, event booking, accommodation, transfers, and sightseeing. It might serve either individuals or organizations. It might even specialize in leisure travel, business travel, might be location–specific catering to tourism of specific country or region.

Flight Booking Engine

Travel agents work on two fronts. One is the B2B i.e., Business to Business front and the other is B2C or the Business to Consumer front. Through B2C, they reach the customers and through the B2B end, they interact with their various business partners to complete the tour planning process.

Software for travel agencies

Travel Portal Software

With the advent of a wide range of softwares, the task of a travel agent has been simplified. A booking engine is software that enables travel agencies plan a trip through the internet. It helps the travel agency speed up all its search and booking processes. This in turn gives a boost to the profits and revenues of the company. Pre-designed and developed booking engines are available with various software vendors in the market. To understand the working of such software, travel agents ought to read more about Flight Booking Engine for Travel Agents B2B Portal.

Following are a few tasks that the booking engine performs:

  • Manages database of the supplier and the customer.
  • Produces cheap and fast itinerary.
  • Books confirmed reservations.
  • Makes advanced and simple search for best available services and rates.
  • Manages accounts, billing etc.
  • Reports business performance.
  • Generates professional documents.

Travel Portal Software

Axis Softech Car Rental Booking Engine Software is one option available to agents who use the car rental services extensively. This booking engine provides one of the most advanced solutions in the market. Large international organizations are turning to Axis Softech for development services. Many advanced features are offered in this booking engine. Aspects like confirmed reservation notification through email, booking cancellation, voucher printing option, customized site management facility, large fleet of various models of vehicles etc. stand out in this software. They make this booking engine unique.

Travel Agency

Travel agents can procure the booking engine from software developers who design such specific booking engines and solutions. It will tremendously enhance their service quality and help in boosting sales of the company.

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