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Since the introduction of e-learning the main focus remains on continuous learning and development programs instead of providing new staff with orientation training. This type of learning method is highly beneficial for employees as they can be better at their responsibilities and roles with knowledge resources. They can also use the provided knowledge into workable ideas which can be converted to profitable business solutions. One way for educational institutions to reach their target is to go on the internet. They generally hire website developers to create an eye-candy of a website that represents their institution. The better it is, the more internet users will get to know about their services.

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Day by day more organizations are emphasizing on improvement of their e-learning systems. From up skilling the office training department to front-end staff development, internet learning techniques can allow organizations to train their staff more efficiently.

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Organizations can create and manage their internet learning systems with the help of a wide variety of software packages including proprietary solutions, systems developed in-house, and open source software. The most appropriate option can depend upon a variety of factors including: in house skills for initial set-up and ongoing administration, desired sophisticated of the learning management system accessibility, and number of users (proprietary companies can often charge per ‘seat’ or per user).

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Open source can largely differ from shareware or freeware and may be defined as “both the concept and practice of creating program source code available openly. Web developers and users have access to the core designing and functionalities of e-learning software that allows them to add and develop features to the source code and redistribute it. Extensive circulation and collaboration are central to the open source movement. Such software can wholly get managed by an end user organization or they can use a third party such as HowToMoodle to provide training, customization and hosting services. Most organizations are acquainted with such applications through a third party and provide the same kind of training to their employees. They may later on choose to control the current administration tasks by themselves and use third party consultancy to help them explore complex facets of the system and its application to their training environment.

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Selecting software with an active and rigid user base can help to ensure that the software provider will continue with the ongoing support and development. With real time e-learning you can collect extensive range of benefits, replete with integrated multimedia and instructor led in an environment of pooled resources. Various benefits to organizations through learning portals are as follows:

  • Retention: The software training can help in retaining staff.
  • Selection and recruitment: The software can attract and hire fresh talent for the organization.
  • Succession planning: To identify and provide expertise to the best workers with acknowledged competencies and skills who can create better results for the organization.


E-learning is critical to provide successful outcomes to communities, organizations, individuals and economies. With the help of a resourceful learning portal, effective training and education can be available on computers of staff who can get flexibility, updates, 24×7 accessibility and other vital features.

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