Hotel Reservation Software

Today, there is no individual on planet who do not travel in different cities whether businessmen, job person. Students or any other person they all travel because some have their personal tasks and some like to explore the beauty of our nation, but when we plan to go anywhere the first thing that click in […]

Axis Softech: Travel Technology Company

Indian Travel and Tourism market is growing rapidly year on year. Today Travel Portal are in great demand because people are travelling more and more. To develop Travel Portal we require Travel Technology, it plays a significant role in developing Travel Portal. Travel Technology completely changes the face of Travel Portals. Travel Technology companies Provides […]

Travel Agency Software by Axis Softech

Travel Agency business always has been revenue generated business for several years but this business involves lot of hard work and management but the evolution of Travel Agency Software eliminates this problem and solves all problems. The features of efficient Travel Agency Software are: Reservation Management The important feature of Travel Agency Software is Reservation […]

Car Reservation Software

Car Reservation Software is dynamic software to manage the car rental business of travel agencies and enterprises. It has turned this business as a paperless office a paperless can benefit from the bottom line as much as the environment. Organize Tasks by Car Reservation Software One of the major advantages of car rental software that […]

Hotel API Integration by Axis Softech

Travel API Integration The advent of new technology in Travel and Tourism Industry has led to boost travel business with CAGR of 25-30%.Today there is a tremendous demand of Travel portals and Travel Apps. According to recent surveys business travel is a $ 1.60 trillion global opportunity for apps and services globally. Travel APIs to […]

Travel Reservation Software Solutions

In world there are around more than 50% adults who make their travel arrangements in 2007-2008 since that time figure of bookings have been increased using online portals and online travel agencies now almost 70-80% people book their journeys by the help of these online portals. Travel Reservation Software handle a tremendous volume of customer […]

Travel Reservation Software by Axis Softech

If you are a Travel Agent, Agency or any company which sell flight tickets, hotel,buses,cars and holiday bookings than how many different software’s are you using for these all bookings, but now there is only one Travel Reservation software which helps you to get best deals and bookings for all stuffs can be managed easily. […]

Importance of Travel Software in Travel Business

Today the Technology has change the complete scenario of entire world, things that are done manually decade ago are manage by Softwares,so we can manage our business efficiently and get time to think how to generate more revenue. Travel Software is used to manage the bookings, revenue and reports of Travel Agents and Travel Software. […]

Digital India Campaign by Axis Softech Pvt Ltd

In this digital age, we have an opportunity to transform lives of people in ways that was hard to imagine just a couple of decades ago. We agree with our Prime Minister Modi’s words, Axis Softech transform the lives of people by its amazing Travel Products. We guarantee that in just “couple of days” we […]