Car Rental Website Development Services with Axis Softech

One can realize the boom of online market with giant businesses being established in the recent few years. These businesses are nonetheless growing so much on the fast lane internet world in terms of gaining capital and expanding worldwide. A basic website represents the company’s reputation and quality of services in a well-structured manner that […]

Best Travel Boutique Websites Development for B2B Travel Agents

It is an era of internet. Fast growth of business online can be realized by the number of companies getting established and the amount of capital gained by these companies on the internet. Technologies are developing more advanced and diversifying the businesses as per the need of public around the world. This is so happening […]

Best Website Promotion Services in Delhi with Axis Softech

Internet is growing. it has become quite a part of our lives. Businesses are taking over on the internet and even gaining large capital. But as the number of businesses getting established over internet is incrementing, your company needs an efficient marketing plan to stand out above the rest in the online market. Without a […]

How Effective is B2B Portal for Travel Agents made by Axis Softech

Now-a-days, online travel technology has made its fast lane way through in travel business. With the online software developed for your travel company, it becomes globally accessible and reaches to millions of people around the world. Travel portal websites are those which provide all the information your company offers to its clients. Whether it is […]

Make Travel Portal with Online Booking Engine Software

The most prominent touring locations and hotspots in and around India are full of travel firms, agencies and touring companies which provide booking of flights, train tickets, buses, a fine room in some hotel to stay etc. to the tourists reaching them. These travel companies have grown in number but the travel business still depends […]

How Does Help Online Travel Software to B2B Travel Agencies?

Travel companies are taking online travel portal websites that are a boon to travel businesses. It has proven a fast lane to expand your brooding travel company and take it to mountainous heights over night. With an online travel portal website developed for any travel company, it can make its reach to various travel agencies, […]

Travel Technology Solutions Company – Boon for Travel Companies

The market of tour and travel companies is getting diversified in the fast growing world of technology. Talking of technology, travel companies are no more limited to an office set up in a hot spot touring location rather they are taking their business online reaching out to more tourists and travelers globally and with an […]

Make an Effective E-learning Portal for Your Institution

Since the introduction of e-learning the main focus remains on continuous learning and development programs instead of providing new staff with orientation training. This type of learning method is highly beneficial for employees as they can be better at their responsibilities and roles with knowledge resources. They can also use the provided knowledge into workable […]

Importance of Online Travel Booking Software for Travel Agency

Travel and Tourism Industry has become one of the largest revenue generating sectors these days because of its widespread operations. The travel industry is a network of intermediaries at each step known as travel agents who are making this industry grow phenomenally well. With the marketing strategies becoming more competitive, one has to adapt to […]

How much effective is travel portal software with API?

Internet has become a common medium for people to plan holidays and tours and with the help of many conveniences these tasks can be done in an easy and quick manner. If you are related with the travel industry as a travel agent, trip advisor, travel consultant, tourism development organization, etc, you’ll need to use […]