How Axis has evolved as one of most important Travel Aggregator?

Though computer was invented ages ago yet in our country 100% population has not been introduced to this wonderful invention of mankind. And even if you are well acquainted with the usage of the machine it is not necessary that you will be an expert in the field. It is not possible to be so […]

How Axis Is Making Lives Of Travel Agents Easy And Joyous?

Being a travel agent is itself a very hectic job. In this profession one needs to directly interact with people, handle their money, understand their requirements and provide service likewise. Be it planning a trip or booking a hotel or booking a flight, everything has to be done keeping the safety and security of the […]

Get Best Travel Portal with User Friendly Travel Website Design

In today’s world, there are a gazillion sites available which eases the hassle of booking, reserving and confirming flight tickets, railway booking and hotel bookings. Travel companies have now realized the fact that most of their customer base are frequent travelers and are constantly on the move. Making such tickets available at physical locations not […]

Get Your Own Travel Portal with API Integration to Boost Your Business

In today’s fast growing world, smart phones are gaining a lot of importance. This has given rise to many mobile apps. Application Program Interface Integration can be used to build travel guides, maps and routes and things that help tourist locate a particular place. It also can be used to find picnic spots, landmarks, historical […]

Travel Agency Need Booking Engine To Give Best Services

You want to take a holiday? Are you confused of which travel agent will help you plan your itinerary? When we choose a travel agent we must first see whether they are capable of planning a great holiday in the most cost efficient manner. Travel Booking Engine This booking engine helps in direct sales of […]

Travel and Tourism Website Design Company in Delhi

Tourism in India is economically important and is growing rapidly. It is growing at an exponential rate and will keep growing. Consumers are more informed now and want information regarding their travel, stay and sightseeing etc at their finger tips. This is where the travel and tourism websites come in to picture. A website catering to the […]

A Travel Technology Company That Offers Best Travel Services

Travel and tourism companies are growing at an exponential rate. Reason, tourism as a sector is growing and so is the need of websites and companies offering the travel solutions. The websites offering travel technology needs to cater to everyone from the end users to the re-sellers who might use the information available to cater […]

Get Your Own Hotel Booking Portal with Awesome Design

Trying to book for a hotel while planning your next vacation is as easy as it can be. Users can visit any hotel booking portals and select the dates of the stay, location and your preferred budget or star rating of the hotel and they are spoiled with choices of hotels they can stay in. […]

Get the Best B2B Travel Solutions in Delhi

B2B travel solutions are the next big thing in India. Mainly there are two modes by which any travel agency operates. One is B2C – Business to Consumer, where the Travel Agency is looking to sell their travel inventories to only end customers which are the consumers who will buy tickets or book hotels etc. […]

An Overview of Airline Booking Portal for Travel Agents

An airline booking portal for travel agents will cater specifically to travel agents looking to book airline tickets for the customers who might have approached them for ticket booking needs. The booking requirement may be for domestic or international flights. Customers prefer booking airline tickets through travel agents as they can offer tickets at a […]