Top Travel Booking Software for Online Travel Business

Travel business is one of the most lucrative businesses throughout the world today and it is growing leaps and bounds with the help of Travel Technology. Travel technology has given wings to the tourism and hospitality industry. According to IBEF, direct contribution of tourism and hospitality sector in GDP in 2016 is estimated to be […]

Hajj & Umrah Booking Software Development

Hajj is the important religious and crucial pilgrimage of every Muslim’s life and an event that every Muslim dreams of going to Mecca & Madina.Labayk Allahuma Labayk Labayk. La shareeka laka Labayk. Innal hamda wannimata laka wal mulk.  La shareeka Lak (Here I am at your service, oh Lord, here I am – here I […]

Importance of Online Travel Booking Software for Travel Agency

Travel and Tourism Industry has become one of the largest revenue generating sectors these days because of its widespread operations. The travel industry is a network of intermediaries at each step known as travel agents who are making this industry grow phenomenally well. With the marketing strategies becoming more competitive, one has to adapt to […]

Benefits of Online Travel Booking Software for Holiday Packages Booking

When it comes to holidays and travel, customers always try to grab the best deals available on the internet. To gain rapid success in the travel and tourism industry travel website owners should integrate diverse tools providing a range of features to travelers. Being an online travel agency, you can work hand in hand with […]

What Factors are Responsible while developing travel Booking Software for Travel Agents

Providing a good and versatile travel website to customer needs placement of different tasks at all levels.  A fresh travel website won’t be able to generate many profits without the use of effective travel engines. Customers travel far away at distant places and need vital elements such as information, pictures and booking on the go. […]

Benefits of Corporate Web Portal for Travel Business through Axis Softech

Travel business success goes upwards with the development of corporate web applications. Travel Website Design for Tourism Business plays a crucial role in the success of an organization that owns a software solution full with features and benefits that facilitate the users by many ways. Sometimes organizations do not take the style and design of […]