Digitization has Revolutionized the Travel Business

We are living in an era of accelerated innovation in which all facets of business have been affected. It’s true that nothing remains new forever, but the rate at which a product or a process becomes obsolete had never been so high. Technology has changed the pace at which innovation is being done. Information Technology […]

Why Travelers prefer to book with Online Travel Agencies?

Travel and Tourism industry has seen a rapid growth over last few years and it’s an important segment that contributes to GDP and employment of any country considering this point now government has also taken keen steps to promote and develop positive tourism image in eye of other countries. Besides government support technology has played […]

Axis Softech – A Travel Technology Company

What is Axis Softech? Axis Softech is an I.T company which provides Travel Portal Development Services, Axis is positioned among top companies of world in Travel Technology domain. Axis Softech has mastery of developing all kind of travel portal projects because we have experience of more than 10+ years Axis follow the quality standards of […]

Technology completely changes Travelling

Travel Technology is changing the way we travel, and luckily it’s changing the scenario of travel industry. How you might ask? We are continuously looking for ways to improve how we live and how things work, and because of this ambition to always be improving technology is proceeding every day. Through automated technological advances, particularly […]

Travel Software advantages for Travel Agencies

Since the initiation of the Information Age, things have changed considerably, metal the way for many industries to keep up with Travel Technology and opt for automation. The tasks that were once done manually are now automated by computers, laptops and mobiles; empowering the generation with the ease of a simple click making jobs easier […]

Axis Softech: Travel Technology Company

Indian Travel and Tourism market is growing rapidly year on year. Today Travel Portal are in great demand because people are travelling more and more. To develop Travel Portal we require Travel Technology, it plays a significant role in developing Travel Portal. Travel Technology completely changes the face of Travel Portals. Travel Technology companies Provides […]

Impact of Travel Technology on Travel Agency Business

We all love traveling and exploring new places and when it comes to escaping to our dream place, we all feels like somehow fly to our favorite destination. Thinking about traveling somewhere with our loved ones seems to be an easy task, but in reality planning and arranging tickets by taking time out from the […]