Technology completely changes Travelling

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Travel Technology is changing the way we travel, and luckily it’s changing the scenario of travel industry.

How you might ask? We are continuously looking for ways to improve how we live and how things work, and because of this ambition to always be improving technology is proceeding every day. Through automated technological advances, particularly with the Internet and mobile devices, technology is filtering our basic traveling needs and has most noticeably done so in several ways.

  1. Information at click of Finger

Before mobile devices, you had to pack and hold more things than you wanted to carry when you traveled. But thanks to mobile apps, anything you could ever want to do can now be done by simply clicking from your mobile device. List of tasks what your mobile device lets you as a traveler do today:

  • Listen any songs of your choice of any artist
  • You can play any type of game you like on mobile phone
  • Read the book and newspaper
  • Get the news from around the world.
  • Keep friends and family updated on your travels through social media channels
  • Be states or countries apart and video chat with your family.
  • Get traffic updates and directions with different route choices whether traveling by car, bus, bike or foot.
  • You can capture video and photos, and then edit them right then and there.
  • Check-in to your flight, trains and hotels have your boarding pass on your mobile device.
  • Find out the nearest restaurants and their menus, shopping centers and other touristy attractions, as well as people’s ratings and recommendations for each.
  • Buy tickets to shows, amusements parks, sporting events, etc.

Another thing you can do with mobile apps is find and book a hotel. Most hotel apps are made available on every device, and many of them are free to download. The IHG mobile app is one of those free apps and is offered through the App Store and Google Play. With IHG’s app you’re able to book and manage your stay at any IHG hotel, get directions to your hotel from your current location, receive special rewards and offers, and much more.

  1. Offering you better customer service to enhance business

Think back to a customer service experience. You probably called, dealt with an automated message and got put on hold for what seemed like hours, or you went and stood in line for a long time and then spent only a few minutes talking to a customer service representative. Today, you’re able to opt out of both.

  1. Targeting you with more relevant information

With more advanced information technology, travel companies now deliver targeted information to each of their travelers. These companies know you and your travel needs based on your previous travels, search data and surveys you have taken online. With this knowledge, they provide the most relevant travel information and deals specific to you. So while it may be a little weird having travel companies know the moves you make online, it’s completely in your benefit. Because they know what you want, they know what information to share with you. Additionally a lot of the information targeted your way is special travel offers, and who doesn’t love a good travel deal?

Traveling today is not what it used to before 5 or even 10 years ago it has improved tremendously. Technology is changing the way you travel, but in doing so it’s making traveling easier and more enjoyable for you.

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