Tips For Best Travel Portal Development Company

Tourism industry across the world has seen a great boom in recent years. Travel and tourism industry, which contributes a major part to the GDP various nations-7 % or INR 8.22 trillion by end of 2015, have been thriving at rate of 7.4 % which is a pace above the world average of 6.9%.  This all has been possible because of a number of factors which acted in a cumulative way. Investment in the industry has grown by at 9.8% in last year and with the way industry is growing and government is putting in efforts to leverage on the industry, it hopefully will grow more.

Gone are the days when people used to look for guides, maps, and travel books for reference. Now is the age of information technology enabled tourism industry where in IT, smartphone, travel portals and mobile apps have overtaken the sector.

It has also been seen that with the surge in tourism, travel portal development companies have also came up. These are the companies which aggregate all the services related to travel and tourism and enable the offline company to come online.  Basically the complete industry works on advance wherein most of flight tickets, hotel rooms are sold out to big buyers in advance which further supplies them to travel portals or small buyers on bank guarantees.

These small companies then sell these services to customer by packing these services in best possible offers, making it more attractive.

The travel portal development companies have grown over last 15 years and is result of amalgamation of IT and offline travel industry.

There are many companies in Delhi NCR region which deals in travel portal development. Few of them are Axis Softech, Travelpd, Comsoft, Influence Tech, TBO, Provab, Pravex (Bengaluru based), Sterio digitax.

Travel portal development companies basically use latest tools and technologies to integrate all the services in best possible way and provide integration of hotel and flight API from common inventory, payment gateways, cab services, bus services, etc. The inventory can be provided by clients as well which can be integrated on demand.


Most of these companies have their clients in Delhi NCR and provides wide variety of products. But it would be apt to name the Axis Softech especially here for many reasons.

Axis Softech has been serving the industry since year 2000 and has been active in various government project and private domain under the brand name SAFARI. It has nine products which has been very well diversified and tailored to the need of broad range of clients.

Axis Softech not only provides travel portal development services, it actually makes life easier for clients by helping them in coming up with innovative solution in the domain and enable them to have a better online presence by search engine optimization and social media optimization where client’s portal is promoted on search engine and social media with an aim to earn them better revenues.

Also it is ruling the race with maximum number of clients (70 +) in India and abroad. Axis Softech has global presence by serving client in   USA, Australia and other regions as well.

Why Axis Softech is better than others ? it is because it serves the clients by satisfying  following needs of clients:

  1. Getting cheapest API with best fares and commissions.
  2. Conducting ticket booking and live payment
  3. Bringing flight supply from GDS at cheapest fare.
  4. To provide technical expertise
  5. Complete integration.
  6. Around the clock support
  7. Providing best commissions to clients
  8. Delivery of portal within three days
  9. Providing server support, technical support, account support, sot cash facility.
  10. Providing deposit incentive upto 2% .


Well this all do cost a price and travel portal companies do charge heavily for it. But one will be surprised to know that Axis Softech is doing it at reasonably low price as compared to its competitors. The basic product starts at INR 95,000 and the range extends upto INR 22 Lacs.

The company is also leaving no stone unturned to make its presence felt in this niche segment by serving clients in suburbs of India as well as in most developed cities of world.

It is very clear that to win the race Axis Softech has done exceptionally well as compared to its competitors and has all the chances in favour of building a better tomorrow for offline travel service providers.




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