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Travel Portal Development

Goa is a perfect holiday destination—beaches, rivers, plains, hills, jungles, museums, architecture, history, culture, weather, nightclubs, shopping and everything else that you can dream to have perfect destination. ‘Why visit Goa’ to different people, the answers will vary based on their age, temperament or interests. But here are some interesting reasons why everyone should visit to Goa list:

  1. Beaches (of course): For its 3,702 km2 of area, Goa has an astounding number of beaches—36 in all! What’s more exciting is that each Goa beach has a distinctiveness of its own.
  2. Sun: If you are longing for some sun, there is plenty of it in Goa. Load up on your vitamin D here, and that really goes well with a drink on a beach.
  3. Abundant breathtaking views: Travel around Goa on a bike (very commonly available on rent for around 2 quids a day), and you’ll realize how much more there is to Goa than just beaches.
  4. Massage: Take this on the beach or at a massage center—Goa offers you numerous options for a relaxing massage. It’s also a perfect method to boost your immunity and pamper your body with the essential minerals that you usually tend to neglect.
  5. Architecture & Culture: The Churches and Convents of Goa have been declared a world cultural heritage by the UNESCO.
  6. Water Sports (ah, so obvious): Every beach in Goa offers water sports facilities. Banana boats, water scooters, windsurfing, parasailing—you name it, Goa has it. If you are visiting Goa for an adrenaline rush, you won’t ever be disappointed in Goa’s water sports.
  7. Food: Tiger prawns, lobsters, fish steaks—the freshness of seafood makes Goa’s food definitely delicious.
  8. Goa trance: Front Line Assembly, Meat Beat Manifesto, Front 242, A Split-Second, Acid House, Ozric Tentacles—sounds familiar?
  9. Liberal: This one is especially for the female travelers. While India is notorious for its cat-calling males, Goa is one place in India where you can really be yourself. Dress up just the way you like!
  10. Economical: Goa is amazingly affordable for everyone, save the air tickets.

Axis Softech a leading Travel Technology Company offers Tour and travel website development services, online travel portal, travel software, customized travel software to travel agents, travel agencies, tour operators, travel corporate of Goa and its districts as Panaji, Margao, Vasco da Gama, Ponda, old Goa etc help them in achieving huge revenue from their travel business and to mark an esteem position for themselves in the society. In today era travel market is full of new innovative opportunities and you need a travel technology tools to sustain in this competitive travel business. Today offline business is diminishing and tiring; less profitable, more time consuming on the other hand going online provides your business an amazing opportunity, mountain high profits and accelerate the pace of your travel business.

Axis Softech is providing Travel Software Solutions in India and in other countries as well. We are a leading travel technology company which has all the functional modules and abilities to be one of the best travel technology companies. There are varieties of online readymade travel products we have developed till today and they are performing well without any hassle good for travel agencies. We are providing Travel Portal Development services in Goa as it’s a hub of tourist revolving around the whole year. We also develop customized travel software by knowing your business requirements. There are all type of travel technology solutions which you can get from Axis Softech. B2B Travel Portal, B2C Travel Portal, B2E, B2B2B Travel Portal, XML Travel Portal and White Label Travel Portal are some examples.

We provide our travel services in Goa to –

  • Travel corporate companies
  • Travel Franchisees
  • Travel Agents
  • Travel Agencies
  • Travel Operators

Axis Softech provides you attractive designs which are user friendly for your travel website and travel portal. We integrate payment which is safer for financial transactions and also provide best fares and commissions from our online travel portal products.

Our Travel Portal enriched with following modules:

Flight Booking Engine Module: API integration from all major airlines for booking functionality is our key factor. We use best API codes to facilitate our customers so that they get best fares and commissions across the industry.

Hotel Booking Engine Module: API integrated with hotel is of all major hotel suppliers around the world.

Car Rental Booking Engine Module: In car bookings we use API integration of large consolidators and supplier.Customers can make online car rental bookings by using this module.

Bus Booking Engine Module: This enables customers to make bus bookings by seeing the availability options which are displayed by API integration of Red Bus and others which cover more than 70,000 routes across India.

Tour and Travel Package Booking Engine Module: Customer can find out the most convenient and affordable packages by using this module. This gives assistance to customers who want someone to do planning for them. The owner of travel portal can create holiday packages where customer can choose any holiday packages which he like within his/her budget.

Cruise Booking Engine Module: Ship travelers can make online booking for ship by using our module and hence they can enjoy a wonderful trip with their loved ones.

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