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Travel Portal Development

In world there are around more than 50% adults who make their travel arrangements in 2007-2008 since that time figure of bookings have been increased using online portals and online travel agencies now almost 70-80% people book their journeys by the help of these online portals.

Travel Reservation Software handle a tremendous volume of customer searches, transactions and requests for making all their travel plans for flying miles, hotel bookings, car rental, bus bookings and countless other online interactions. These informative portals provide everything a traveler wants in preparation for their next vacations.

Travel Portals provides important and versatile services for consumers, the dark side of travel portal is those travel portals require a high technical maintenance due to this fact websites are oftenly changing and updated dynamically in real time. This places greater demand of Software development teams which are located at multiple locations across different multiple time zones.

n added pressure is that software development is directly tied to revenue. The changes and updates development teams are called on to make are increasingly “business-critical”.

Consider the flood of data and volume of software code required for a single reservation or transaction on one of these major travel sites, then multiply that thousands of times over with the demands of real time as thousands of consumers research, reserve and purchase flight, car rental and hotel options.

Add to that the requirements of special offers, deals, and the unique attributes of each person’s frequent flyer or executive club profiles.

Reservation Software’s are directly tied to revenue. There is tremendous demand of Reservation software because of several reasons-


  • Data Management: Let’s consider the data of thousands of travelers it’s not easy for websites and they show multiples errors but Reservation Software eliminate this problem because they are equipped with technological reservation modules which manage this problem easily and effectively.
  • Peak Time Bookings: During peak time or any festive season website incurs problem because of tremendous traffic and website goes down and shows server errors therefore this problem is quite serious and it can only be eliminated by Reservation Software.
  • Enhancement Options – Reservation Software have various enhancements options which can be added easily
  • Auto- Cancellation : Reservation Software provides an option of auto cancellation of bookings, the customer simply choose option of cancelled booking and it automatically cancelled and refunded to the your account before this there is problem in cancellation you have to call offline travel agencies which is very hectic process.


Due to all these features there is a great demand of Reservation software among offline and online travel agencies, so to generate huge revenue you have to choose a great company which provide reservation software with all modules.

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