Why B2B Travel Portal is so important for Corporate Travel Agents in India?

Best Travel Agency Website DesignThe B2B portals have emerged as the most viable option for the promotion of any business. It has been proved that this is a cheaper and cost effective way in order to promote your business. The B2B portals are also known as the e-market place – here a large number of buyers and sellers are listed on the site with an idea to develop business online. With the help of B2B portals, the travel agents can easily stabilize their present business and at the same time attract new customers to their sites. This is like an open market place where the customers can choose their required packages on their own at reasonable prices.

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Every business aims to earn more profits and the same stands for travel agencies also. The B2B portal has gained extreme popularity among most of the corporate travel agents in India. There are many reasons why the B2B portal has become so important for the corporate travel agents in India. Let us understand some of the benefits that B2B portal provides for the travel agents in India.

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  • Exchange of information and transactions – The B2B is an e-marketplace where you will find large number of wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers – they are here to help you arrange a year-long business marketing scheme which is very cost effective and at the same has less of travel threats. The B2B web portals easily help the new businesses to exchange various types of communications, regular information, and various other business functions like business invoices, purchase and payments.
  • When the marketing is done with the help of B2B portal, the only major requirement is the internet. In case you have a new business, then there is significant decrease in the overhead costs of the company. The B2B marketing involves almost nil or zero costs on activities like printing and postage, distributions etc. The reason being all the promotional tasks are done on the internet. The best thing about using the B2B portal is that you can keep a track of various activities at one time. This can be done using software which can actually measure the success of the business.
  • If you have just started your online corporate travel business, then doing business will become much simpler and you have spend very less time in searching better business links.
  • In the B2B portal, you have traders from various travel agencies. On the portal, you are able to share and exchange the experiences along with the information. The traders help each other from the same industry to overcome various problems their counter parts are facing on a day to business.
  • These portals are also a means to learn new methods and technologies from your counterpart. It is a great asset to get access to such information which will form a strong foundation for your new business. The knowledge from your partner traders will help you to overcome various problems and also make you understand the risks and dangers about new market segments.
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