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Another 'Chai Walla' rises, who drives a ' Corolla' & has turned E-Commerce Entrepreneur, with help of Axis Softech travel products

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Introduce yourself, what was your previous business and what made you switch your business?

Myself Rameshawar Sahu I am from Girdi a small district of Jharkhand, I am here in Delhi from last 24-25 years. I sold tea & vegetables on streets of Delhi. I ran away from my home in 1993 with a dream to become top businessman. I have tried various types of businesses to fulfill my daily needs such as I sold tea, eggs after that I also drove auto-rickshaw in Delhi but I always have kept up positive thinking and have always admired to do something big in life. The year 2008 was turning point for me at that time I shifted in taxi business and year on year this business has expanded and then in 2013 I decided to go online, with online travel portal because it looked to be the future of business.

When you decided to move to this travel business & why did you choose Axis Softech's online travel products only?

We have contacted many travel technology companies before coming online, I don't want to take name of those companies but have found that those companies were not right for choice for me. In market there is a very good name of Axis Softech & the references that I got was really satisfying, then finally I discussed with Axis Softech for providing me online Travel Solution & finalized.

Exclusive Interview of Ms.Waheeda Khan (General Manager of

Introduce yourself, what is the idea behind this online travel agency business? Or who gave you this idea?

Hi, my name is Waheeda Khan after the growth of our offline travel business, we decided to move online and the idea behind this online travel agency is of Mr.Muzzafar Karnai who is the owner of

When you decide to move in this travel business, why you choose Axis Softech online travel products only?

We decided to move online 10 years ago, we search various travel technology companies but Axis Softech understood our needs completely so that's the reason we choose Axis Softech.