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Axis Safari Travel Products

To generate instant money and multiply revenue in fast pace, Corporates, Travel Agents or Start-ups prefer to go for Online Travel Business or an Ecommerce Travel Portal. Those, who wants to start own Travel Portal, they need to do three (3) kinds of efforts & expenses parallelly. In one hand, where they need to purchase API (Application Programming Interface) from different providers like Air, Hotel, Car, Bus, Cruise, Utilities & Money Transfer etc., in other hand they need to buy a robust Web-Application (Website and Software) which can run at the backend & front end to take the load of huge online traffic and at the same time they require to pay integration cost against each API as well as time too parallelly.

In fact people don’t know from where they can buy the best API which could be proving the best and cheapest fare and then they (also) don’t know which one is the best API in terms of technological feeds and their support. Tech-support is another important aspect of API Provider which helps an integrator during the integration of API with the Application. The same way a Robust Application means a user-friendly system which should have well defined features with all possible functionalities that helps User and Admin to use and operate the system without error and trouble. It can be possible only in case the software has a proven track record of running or being used by other organizational portal and running with desired supporting functionalities. Due to all these problems an innocent business person tilts towards the White Label Solutions which we don’t provide. Usually White Label systems will be provided by the companies who have their travel business in any form or hidden.

Understanding the above expenditures & problems of our client, Axis Softech came out after rigorous effort of years with a solution in terms of Product by the name of AXIS SAFARI. In Axis Safari Product, a client need not to worry about API, Website, Web-software, Admin Panel and the time would be taken by the Integration & Certification team. He only need to define his budget and buy the payment Gateway (Apart the Axis Safari Product) so that the payment can come directly in his Bank Account. Means an automatic purchase of inventory, Online Sales of Tickets, Instant Online Delivery, Online Cancelation and a fast refund process can be deployed on your domain, even 3 days time to run the entire Online Travel Portal.

Axis Softech has developed total three kinds of products as listed below & in B2C segment Axissoftech has total six variants.

  1. Safari B2C
    1. Safari Hotel
    2. Safari Aero
    3. Safari Special
    4. Safari Standard
    5. Safari Mid
    6. Safari Advance
    7. Safari Ultra
  2. Safari B2B
  3. Safari B2E

About API we want to put clarity here that the system we have developed is a Multi API system in which the product’s search engine filters the best API in terms of Fare, Commission and fast data response during the fare search by the end user on your portal. All the products comes with factory fitted supply of Flight, Hotel, Bus, Car etc & there are different products which can be further customized to second level by accepting further changes by its clients.

The products have a blend of custom Design & amazing reporting tools, which gives the site owner reporting runtime on its finger tips & on click of a mouse. Multi level architecture is unique and Back Office provides a total control over the system.

The products are well categorized to suit & fit upon the requirements starting from a small scale Travel Agency to a MID size or Advance stage or an Ultra large size Travel Company. The features of the products have been thinly specified to make a transparent understanding with the clients. All the products have two important sections, User End (UI side) and Admin Side.

User End (UI side) – The user end or User Interface of each product is made highly attractive, light and commercially active. On the user side, the customer can navigate easily across the site, to find the service of his choice, select the service and conduct online transaction to make payments to the site owner. All the booking processes are made simple and agile to faster the process and conclude the steps very actively.

Admin Side – Admin section also plays a vital role in managing the operations at the backend. The admin side of BACK OFFICE works as a life support of the business where admin can conduct all kinds of transactions directly without going through payment gateway process.

If you are unable to conclude that which product is best for you, Please fill the Enquiry Form with your current budget and we will revert you with the best suitable product which will be easy to operate in your infrastructure, will suit your budget as well as will help you to capture the online traffic and earn immense profit.

Special Highlights in case of Product Buying:

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Our Travel Products

  • Axis Safari Hotel
  • Axis Safari Aero
  • Axis Safari Special
  • Axis Safari Standard
  • Axis Safari Mid
  • Axis Safari Advance
  • Axis Safari Ultra
  • Axis Safari B2B
  • Axis Safari B2E
  • OTMS
  • CTMS