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Axis Safari B2B

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Main Features :

As an agent of Yatra, MakeMyTrip, Via, Easemytrip, Ria, Akabar Travels or any other Travel companies you have experienced (ever in the past), that the system is being governed by Admin and Admin creates Distributers and Distributors are creating Agents under him. The same way you as a site owner will be able to create n number of Distributers & Agents by defining their commissions and can review their daily business done in AIR, Hotel Bus, Car or Package Tour or on any added modules like DTH or Recharge in the form of watching their Daily Sales Reports (DSR) and other activity reports on instant basis.

Specifically talking about the B2B travel portals, the Indian travel market is growing with 20-25% CAGR with a rapid pace, which provides benefits to every agent, sub-agent and master agent. This advanced way of doing travel business has helped the travel agents to generate revenue so as to add productivity to their travel business. This in turn offers greater scope to small scale travel agents to cater the needs of customers both nationally as well as globally. Axis Safari B2B is an ultimate product for (B2B) business operators and Travel Agents working in this area. Where the product is successfully tested for several live travel agents and has all standard B2B functionalities to scale up their operations starting from one agent to over 1000 agents globally. Axis Safari online B2B travel software enables master agent who is the owner of this B2B travel portal and other sub-agents to book flights, hotels, buses, cars and holiday packages. It is essential for travel agent and agencies to operate bookings from multiple branches and sales channel into one single place and for that a seamless management & processing of these booking is required.

Axis Safari online B2B travel software enables master agent to operate at 4 different levels of hierarchies, which help the business owner to create a web of travel agents, manage funds, commissions received & paid including markups in the predefined process, with invoices & logos of their Agents, who are operating and generating tickets for their customers, adding their own markups with advance markup tool to enhance their travel business rapidly. There is a 24 X 7 Booking Support with all 5 kinds of tech support during all working days and hours will be always for your growth with Axissoftech.

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