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Travel Suppliers

Suppliers play a vital role in operating any online travel business, be it a flight based business, be it hotel business, car business, bus business, cruise business or related. Everywhere Suppliers play most important role as they provide original inventory to the portals for enabling live booking. Considering this fact, Axis Softech has always emphasized upon the suppliers and prioritized them to empower or enable transactions being performed by Axis’s clients.

Why is travel a supplier dependent business?

Online travel or travel in general too is totally supplier driven as one company cannot cater at all locations or companies prefer to have region specific deals or expertise. Therefore in travel business all competition is a partner at some time, which also means a competitor in need is a friend indeed.

How Axis Value its suppliers?

Axis has understood the importance of suppliers in this business a decade back and since then it has been working very closely with different suppliers of separate services to aggregate their services and insure smooth supply to its clients. Axis’s Safari products are result of these close integrations and evolution of a great product which the world admires today.

Does a Travel Company buying Product from Axis needs supplier directly?

That is the reason Axis has worked so hard for over a decade so that its client’s do not get into the nitty-gritty of approaching a supplier, buying the services at additional cost, making deposits and then getting these supplies integrated by spending additional money and time with IT companies. Axis’s product comes with factory fitted world’s best suppliers against each kind of service like Flights, Hotels, Bus, Car, etc.